CAC Beardsley Community Farm

Cities Grow Their Own Food! That’s our goal. We’re here to educate and encourage everyone to take part in the power of local food. There’s so much to see and do at CAC Beardsley Community Farm and we need your help. Become one of hundreds of volunteers who keep the farm running, feeding those in need, and supporting everyone interested in our local food culture. Everyone has a part to play.

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Upcoming Events

Saturday, April 12thSkill Share and Plant Sale

Thursday, June 26th- Solstice Supper at the Plaid Apron


Community Garden Classes

We will be hosting free classes for Community Gardeners and the public, starting in March. Classes are held at the farm once a week from 5pm – 6:30pm and are free for everyone to attend. You need only bring yourself and the willingness to learn about sustainable gardening techniques!   Happy Spring! All of the [...]