CAC Beardsley Community Farm

Cities Grow Their Own Food! That’s our goal. We’re here to educate and encourage everyone to take part in the power of local food. There’s so much to see and do at CAC Beardsley Community Farm and we need your help. Become one of hundreds of volunteers who keep the farm running, feeding those in need, and supporting everyone interested in our local food culture. Everyone has a part to play.

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Upcoming Events

Monday, November 10thRaise the Roots Farm-to-Table Dinner

Mid-November- Gardening Workshops, details TBA

Saturday, December 6th - Community Workday 9am-noon

Friday, January 23rd- 7th annual Snow Day benefit at Barley’s

New Arrivals

Now that Harvest Festival has passed (it was a blast, by the way), we’d like to sit down and thank some very special people who’ve helped us out with our gardens these past two months. Firstly, we’d like to thank Erin’s Meadows Herb Farm for a wonderful donation of incredible herbs to help re-vamp our [...]